Why Having a Book Is Critical To Business

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In the many years I have worked as a business consultant/coach I have gotten so resistance from clients about writing their book. Most people are afraid that they will have nothing to say. The typical question is “what would I write about?” Well, I will tell you that you have more topics in your pinky alone than you realize.

Anyone who has been in their field for 3+ years as a professional has a wealth of information to write about. You must have at least ten success stories. And a ton of case studies, not to mention the wealth of knowledge you possess from your field alone.

Why not share this information with the world? People want to know what you know, your perspective, your genius ideas and thought processes. And a book is just the thing that will help you share this with them.

A book establishes you as the authority and clients will come to you just because you are the specialist in an area of expertise. You can establish your competency, credibility and your thumbprint as the specialist with authorship.

Authorship will also open the doors to stages where you can continuously establish your authority in your niche area. I met with Elsom Eldridge Jr. author of The Obvious Expert and he explained that the fastest way to get recognition is to become the Obvious Expert in your field. He explained that when you take the necessary actions to position yourself as the premier expert you will receive the highest accolades, and there is no better way than through authorship.

Once you have decided to write your book you have to share it with the plethora of clients past and present. When you make the announcement that your book is coming it will hold your feet to the fire and you will be accountable to your clients. Give them a date this way you will have a deadline to finish your book.

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