How to Measure a Therapists Value

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Therapists are passionate about helping those struggling through crisis, emotional balance or mental health issues. We do what we do because our compassion overrides personal gains.  But is our compassion and dedication generating the income that we deserve?

You will find that other professions in the medical field are generating a lot more income than the average therapist.  Private practitioners are on average earning well under $30,000 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Yet therapists are actually the glue that holds together the general population.

What is that worth?  I got into the help profession for my love of people and helping them navigate tough times.  I quickly learned that there was no way I could depend on that income to reach my financial dreams.  So I started a small private practice.  When I lost my job in 2007 and realized I could not survive on the income that the practice was bringing in I knew I had to learn how to increase my income.

This meant one of two things, 1) see a lot more clients that time allowed me or 2) change my business model. But I knew little to nothing about running a business; after all I was a trained professional therapist. Well, this was no longer an option I had to learn.

This came through my discovery of how to become an entrepreneur and run my practice as a business by applying a business model  and strategic positioning to my practice.  After years of struggling with a small private practice, I finally got my breakthrough. I have a thriving practice with a steady increase in revenue.

But here is where this benefits you, as a result of my trial and errors I have come up with the secret formula that most of us therapist have never learned in school or elsewhere. I am giving away The Three Essential Secrets to Growing a Profitable Therapy Practice  – Resource Guide that this resource guide gives you my top three secrets to building my practice into a sustainable business.

If you are tired of struggling in your private practice and fell it’s time you begin to own your practice and stop relying on others to help build your practice up and them to determine your value, then you will enjoy this resource guide.

I am a Therapy Practice Growth Strategist specializing I solve therapy practices that have stunted growth. I did this because I understand the pain of having a small unfruitful practice well, since I too was in that position not too many years ago– the end result being the creation of a very special program.

I could show you a way to overcome Struggling in Your Practice with three of my best secrets in this resource guide, right now. I want you to go through each of these secrets that are ready for fast implementation. I assure you that if you apply these three secrets you will begin to see a change in your practice within 90 days.

To have a thriving practice, it is essential to establish an entrepreneurial mindset by structuring your practice as a viable business, run your practice like a professional entrepreneur and position yourself as the Only Logical Choice.  This is the framework on which you will not just survive in your practice, but you will thrive and position in a league all your own.
To your Success,

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