Creating Business Expansion by Embracing Technology

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Although technology can be overwhelming with the changing times it seems that it will the only way to run your business in the very near future. Email and social media seems to be slowly changing the resistance to technology.

Yet, talking to therapists I find that so many are opposed to using technology in their therapy business. In the 21st Century if you want to create real success in your business, you must embrace technology.

Technology can help your business with :

  • Record keeping
  • Note taking
  • Billing

Technology also simplifies how you do sessions. There are so many new methods to build a clientele and helping so many more clients through technology. It affords you to see clients that may not have the luxury of time, resources, the availability to come sit in your office.

In this informational age you must offer your clients cutting edge methods to communicate and have sessions in a variety of ways. A few methods that I use are.

  • Skype
  • GoTo Webinar
  • Tele-conference
  • e-Counseling

You can also use technology to send them an appointment reminder via:

  • SnapChat
  • Text

There is a change in the therapeutic clientele; they have less time, want faster results, and are clear as to their needs in therapy. They want therapy/counseling at their convenience from the comfort of their office, home, car even while they are on vacation.

According to Giovanni Rodriguez a Forbes contributing editor, technology shifts the focus from mental illness to mental wellness. And this paradigm shift provokes an expansion of services.

David Feldman, PhD stated that an advance in therapy via technology is making life better for survivors. It is allowing therapists and clients to connect across vast geographical distances, delivering interventions with diverse populations with the aid of technology. This technology is outstanding for those who are homebound, in distant rural areas with limited therapeutic resources.

I have found that because I offer a variety of methods my clients are excited to meet with me.  They are getting therapy/counseling services when, and how they want it.  It seem apparent that therapy/counseling via technology is here to stay.

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