Are there times in your life when you think: I need counseling? Such as, couples counseling, or family counseling or even individual counseling to help subside the pressure.

Marital problems, difficulties with adolescents or young adult children, financial strains, the sense of un-appreciation at home or at work, trying to balance home and work are all situations that can have an adverse effect on your work performance or personal health.

Most of us come to a cross-road in our life when we feel overwhelmed, pressured and physically ill. Oftentimes, going to family and friends for advice or guidance may add to the confusion. Friends and family, although they mean well, do not always guide you well. This is because they are too close to the situation.

It is for this reason that you would want to reach out to a non-biased professional to help you navigate in reaching wholeness. We at Aspire 4 Life Counseling are here to serve you with non-bias, empathetic and expert counseling. Using a hybrid approach of clinical theory with biblical principles in our counseling.

Although we are a faith-based counseling center we are also intentionally non-denominational. We are not religion centered our goal is to help through  individual counseling, couples counseling and family counseling with the intention to find inner peace and emotional solace.

We offer counseling via traditional methods such as one-on-one in office or groups. We also offer cutting edge methods such as:

E-counseling / E-Coaching

Tele-Counseling / Coaching

Online Counseling / Coaching (Skype & Google Hangout)

These methods work especially well for individuals who are homebound, or have caregiving/childcare responsibility, travel for work, or young adults who are away in college.

We also offer services in both English and Spanish. And our bi-lingual services are available for 1:1, couples, and groups. Our purpose is to serve every individual where they are at.

Counseling Rates:

We Do Not Accept Insurance. However, we do file out of network claims.

Initial assessment (90 minutes) is $200

Subsequent sessions are:

$ 125 – 190 (60 minutes) individual/couples

$   95 – 125 (45 minutes) individual

$    65 -100 (30 minutes) individual

Aspire 4 Life Counseling is structured in such a way that we are able to offer the highest quality counseling services without the hindrance of insurance. What we offer those clients who wish to go through their insurance is we will complete the claims form which allows you to be reimbursed by your insurance company for therapy sessions.

NASW Code of Ethics-English
NASW Codigo de Etica-Spanish

“A wise man will hear and increase in learning, and a man of understanding will acquire wise counsel” Proverbs 1:5