Creating Business Expansion by Embracing Technology

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October 6, 2015

Although technology can be overwhelming with the changing times it seems that it will the only way to run your business in the very near future. Email and social media seems to be slowly changing the resistance to technology.  

Why Having a Book Is Critical To Business

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October 1, 2015

In the many years I have worked as a business consultant/coach I have gotten so resistance from clients about writing their book. Most people are afraid that they will have nothing to say. The typical question is “what would I write about?” Well, I will tell you that you have more topics in your pinky alone than you realize.  

How to Measure a Therapists Value

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September 29, 2015

Therapists are passionate about helping those struggling through crisis, emotional balance or mental health issues. We do what we do because our compassion overrides personal gains.  But is our compassion and dedication generating the income that we deserve?  

4 Tips to an Outstanding Therapy Practice Brand

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May 7, 2015

What was your intention in having your own therapy private practice? Was it to: • Be more independent • To generate more income or • To run your practice to generate real income that you can live off of 100% If any of these applied to you then you may be interested in how to take your therapy practice and generate real income and the most essential step is establishing your brand.  

E-Counseling Success Stories: Two Case Studies

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April 9, 2015

Last week I promised you two case studies that proved effective. It was advantageous for a variety of reasons. One had high powered job that required quite a bit of domestic and international travel. The other was a stay at home mom with three children under 5 years of age two with autism.  

Online Therapy: A Solution for an Immediate Problem

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April 2, 2015

There are so many changes in our environment and online therapy is another one of those changes. Online counseling is identified as e-counseling, e-therapy, cyber-counseling, and tele-therapy. This is a new method in therapy or counseling that provides counseling and support online. What is online counseling or e-therapy etc.? This is a method of counseling that serves as a support system for those clients who either do not have the time to go to a face-to-face session, are homebound, live in a rural area or travel a lot for work.  

How Quickly can Change be Implemented?

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March 26, 2015

Most often clients come to their first session of therapy, dump and before they leave their first session they want to know “how long will this take?” “How many sessions do you think I need? Many of these people leave prematurely because they believe all the counselor has to do is wave the magic wand and poof you are changed.  

5 Steps to Emotionally Intelligent Parenting Your Teen

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March 19, 2015

Couples look forward to starting their family. It is soon after that they learn the complication of raising a family, but it is not until their children hit adolescence that they become fully aware of the difficulties of parenting. Learning to implement emotionally intelligent parenting early on is imperative. It is typically in the family setting that children learn behaviors such as coping mechanisms, appropriate behaviors, values, morals and the like. With all the time parents deposit in their children it often seems wasted when children get into their adolescent years. How often have I heard parents say “who is this person?” or “what did they do to my child?” It is during adolescence that parents may have marital problems or problems in co-parenting because each parent may not have the same idea in raising a teenage child.  

Emotional Intelligence in Intimate Relationships: The Pathway to Longevity

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March 12, 2015

To succeed in life you must have achieved high levels of emotional intelligence. And although many people can exhibit high levels of emotional intelligence in their business and work environment they can lack severely in their personal relationships. In my previous article I define emotional intelligence  as a pattern of competencies in the areas of awareness of, self-control, the ability to clearly express emotions and handle interpersonal relationships rationally and with compassion. High levels of emotional intelligence should be exhibited in both professional and personal relationships.  

Addressing the Body Image Issue in Our Girls and Boys

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Unfortunately we live in a culture that praises perfect body images. Girls are being fed this ideal body image since they’re little girls so by early adolescence they are brainwashed that they must be Barbie and Ken like replicas. And the ideal male is portrayed as six pack and muscles. This began in the 1950's and today our kids are being exploited through media channels. These body image ideologies are developed in the framework of sociocultural factors. The Photoshopped images the media portrays as perfection.