4 Tips to an Outstanding Therapy Practice Brand

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What was your intention in having your own therapy private practice? Was it to:

• Be more independent
• To generate more income or
• To run your practice to generate real income that you can live off of 100%

If any of these applied to you then you may be interested in how to take your therapy practice and generate real income and the most essential step is establishing your brand.

The marketing world always begins with the foundation as branding is a big factor not only on creating new business, but as well solidifying your identity. Additionally, practice brand defines what a company signifies and helps the clients to emotionally connect to the services offered.

1) Your brand as the solid foundation – No matter how ingenious you think your brand is it is more important that your clientele identifies with your brand. This is why you need to know who your intended target market is before you decide your brand.

When you look across industries you will find companies that have mastered their brand and identified their clientele. Brands such as Walmart = bargain prices; Best Buy = technology and service; Nordstrom = high end clothing…etc. Each of these brands has identified their audience and intended clientele.

This does not mean that these companies cannot service people other than their targeted client. It does mean that they will spend more time and energy trying to reach their intended audience because this is who they want first and foremost.

You goal must never be to catch all doing this will not place you in the limelight.

2) Identify Brand Name – This is the where the most common mistakes are made. There are those who chose a name based on their grandmother’s nickname to them or their favorite flower etc. What may be important to you is not necessarily a clear identifier of you, your specialty, and your services.

You want to have your intended clientele Stop when they see your brand name and want to learn more about what you have to offer. The individual must connect with your ‘brand’ from the onset. This sets the tone for them to look a little closer, want more information, and decide if You are the person they want to help them through this process.

3) Establish Your Specialty Niche – when you have a forte in an area you want to accentuate that. This sets you apart as the “specialist” in that particular area. This begins to create for you a following of clients that are seeking out exactly what you are offering.

By defining your unique niche brand, you automatically set yourself apart from any competition and engender promise that you can deliver. Most people do not fully grasp how this simple concept places you in a league all your own.

Your niche can be intertwined in your subtitle such as “connecting the plug between you and your teen” or “helping you soar towards excellent marriage.”

4) Positioning – the one thing that is certain is that people’s attention span is short lived. What they love today they are over tomorrow. We live in a society that craves instant gratification and are constantly chasing the latest fad.

No longer can we engage them in traditional forms of therapy but they want to be engaged in the process and want to feel that they are taking over their own lives with a little assistance from you the therapist.

If you want to stay in business YOU the therapist must change your deliverables and how you engage your audience. You have to add and subtract certain bells and whistles and you have to strategize your positioning. You must open up a whole new market space, restructure your shingle (brand) and open up for business with a new and improved methodology.


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